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ISI is a company that operates in the extra insurance sector for claims settlement, detecting causes and responsibility for damages, helping its customers to overcome the related consequences of an event giving rise to damages, as quickly as possible and dealing with everything from the management of emergency relief to the settlement of claims.
ISI guarantees professionalism and competence through open and transparent communication, placing itself at the disposal of Customers, offering them the opportunity to make a statement that would otherwise be difficult with proper, secure and receptive support.


ISI cooperates with leading insurance groups in Italy and assists any person or entity that wishes to protect itself from a damaging, accidental or unpredictable event.
Our many areas of expertise allow us to offer assistance from property/artisan activities to the industrial sector, from energy to commerce, from the environmental sector to private and professional personal protection.
It is intended for Italian and Foreign Insurance Companies, to which it provides thirty years of experience in the management of common and complex claims (Property and Liability).
It is also intended for public and private companies wishing to make use of organised and qualified structures in the management and assessment of risk and damages.


It deals with claims management on convention policies for public and private Entities and offers periodic reporting on the progress of the product, together with the Underwriters and Brokers.
It also handles claims settlement for common and complex damages for Italian and Foreign Insurers. It offers a Risk Management service to companies and due diligence online Consultation to Customers and Users in line with current practice, with dedicated access and data acquisition.


ISI puts a team of professionals specialised in different fields with the skills acquired over thirty years of activity at the Customer's disposal, in order to offer an effective service of the highest quality.


Strong presence in the market with constantly updated organisational models and the awareness of the needs of the customer mean we can attend emergencies throughout the country, to limit the economic impact of any damage, acting rapidly and securely. Extensive organisation is also provided abroad.

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